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We are the NFL Group! - Joan Clostner

Posted at the request of Joan Clostner

Susan, My friend, Joyce helped me with this page, but I don’t know where or how to post it. I just hoped someone would catch fire and help us learn to talk once again without using the disgusting things that seem to be so prevalent at school and in the movies.

We are the NFL Group!
(No Foul Language)
Change your life and take control,
by joining the NFL group.
Our Motto:
God’s bit on my tongue.
God’s word in my mind.
God’s love in my heart.
Scriptures for each.

No fee to join, no reports to give, no dues.
~ Just Blessing after Blessing ~
If you don’t feel better after one month of success, you didn’t lose a thing!
If you have a testimony to give, send to Jody: jody@ptsi.net
Don't forget to tell God … and your neighbor.
Give God glory in your speech!
Let your friends notice.
Improve your adjectives and descriptive language.
Help your body make endorphins!
Makes you feel good inside.
God smiles.
Love you,

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