Beautiful Sewing Room Reveal!!!

Sewing Room Reveal!!!:

Extremely Picture Heavy Post
Well Here We Go!!!!
This is what has been keeping me BUSY for the last few weeks…
I had some WONDERFUL opportunities that I had to turn down… Being ALL my Sewing stuff was Piled Ceiling High…
Equating to…
One BIG Mess!!!!
But it has ALL been worth it…
We had to keep things Simple…
Since we will soon be Selling the house
At the same time I didn’t want to take to many shortcuts
I still wanted to be able to enjoy my New space..
My Sewing Room sits right off of our  Kitchen
I slipped covered that Green a Blue checkered chair that is in the picture on top
I only put Two of my machines on the Table since these are the ones I use the most
Behind one of the cabinets Hides my Cutting Pads and Rulers
The Cutting Table is Hinged on the wall and folds down with the legs underneath it…
This Little shelf holds my Extras very nicely
This is a Handy Vintage Hamper
It holds my…
Which I will be sharing how I made it in another post
It Protects my Desk Nicely and I can Craft and Create without Worry
I have so MANY places to store things in…
Nothing is without a home..
This Cabinet holds some Extra Fabric along with some Paints, Stamps, Glitter, Pin Cushions and several other Do Dads…. Along with some of my Vintage Sewing Pieces..
When I first set out to do this Sewing Room, I wanted to go for a Vintage Dress Shop Theme…
But keeping it still Functional
I was THRILLED to pieces when I came across this Vintage Department Store Mirror… I snatched it up and new it was going to make a PERFECT addition to my new Sewing Room…
It has to be one of my Favorite pieces in the room  along with this Vintage Mannequin on this Cast Iron Stand
I LOVE when the Sun begins to go down because I get to use my Vintage light switches which we have collected over the years
I Love how the Colors Soften as Night comes and the Lights turn on
On each Cabinet there is a Cut out to display Vintage Hats and Gloves
This Pretty Lady is one of the Many pictures I have picked up while Antique shopping…
This Precious Lady is My Husband Great Grandmother…
Grandma Anna
She just seemed to be right at home here
I am in LOVE with…
There is still so much to share on some of the Finer Details…
But I thought I would break those up into separate posts
I also new how Anxious you guys were to see the finished product… Which I am still waiting on a few more pieces to arrive…
I hope you enjoyed the Trip!!!
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