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Complete Baby Shower Plan

Complete Baby Shower Plan:

Complete Baby Shower Plan

We’d like to offer you a free baby shower plan. Baby shower games, décor, food and the how-to for the entire event is included. Visit us each day to gather the complete baby shower plan. For each of the next few days, we’ll roll out another piece of the plan, so you can throw a stress free baby shower.

The amazing part of this plan is that we have multiple themes for you to choose from, and this plan is perfect for a mom-to-be expecting a baby girl or baby boy.

Tiffany Blue Baby Shower

Getting ready for the baby shower

You will find ideas and suggestions for each of these categories on our blog in the next few days.

The theme

The guest list

Invitations and printed material

The décor and venue

Food and drinks


Today, we’ll start with your baby shower theme. Why a theme? Isn’t the baby itself a theme? We’ll yes, it can be, but we love to add creativity and style. Choosing a creative theme for your baby shower makes it easier to bring the elements of the shower together and allows you to bring ideas into your plan that would otherwise just not make sense. With a theme… monkeys, trains, ballerinas… anything goes!


Here is a great list of baby shower theme ideas to get you started. Choose one that sings to you or is close to the mom-to-be’s heart, and tomorrow, we’ll get your complete baby shower plan rolling with more of the details.

Baby shower theme ideas

Some of these ideas are better for a boy, others for a girl. Some will be perfect for either. Some are more juvenile… so the new mom can keep the toys and décor for her little one. Others are all about the new mom and intended to completely pamper her.

* Monkeys

Monkey Baby Shower

* Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea Baby Shower

* Ballerina

* A favorite children’s book

* Trains

Trains Baby Shower

* Garden, butterflies or buggy cuteness

Garden, butterfly, buggy baby shower theme

* Bumblebees

Bumblebee Baby Shower theme

* Owls

* Really any cute animal…seriously.

* Favorite colors and combinations… Tiffany blue and apricot maybe?

Tiffany Blue Baby Shower Theme

* Tea party

Tea Party Baby Shower

* On the ranch

On the Ranch Baby Shower theme

* Mushrooms

Mushrooms Baby Shower Theme

Truly anything can become a theme. Start with a favorite object or color combo, or try incorporating the theme or colors from the new baby’s nursery.

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