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I've been working away today on some more of my desktop organizer sets. Here are two of my latest creations. I'm taking things to the next level. Combining my 'chic and unique' signature style, these pencil and pen cup holders are my newest favourite thing to make. You might remember a few posts ago, where I told you about the habit my parents had of never throwing anything out...it has made me proficient at looking at simple, everyday items and turning them into a thing of beauty!

We go through a lot of canned beans and puree tomato around here, which nicely provides me with the base of my product, but I suppose that's bound to happen when you love to cook. This craft project is such a great thing for me to work on because crocheting is something I can do at night, while the family is gathered around to watch movies or television shows. We laugh and talk together, while my fingers busily hum away with my tiny metal crochet hook and thread.

The covers are made at night, and by the next morning, I have some new cans to glue and embellish. That's where the creativity really comes into play. Thinking of new designs to put on the fronts of the pencil cup holders is fun. These new creations in particular are a pairing of textual words that go together.

This is a set of two nesting cans...one fits inside the other - which cuts down on the shipping costs. I have paired my new custom crocheted sleeve with a few vintage doilies on the embellished patch. It always gives me such a thrill to be able to give new life to gently loved/used items, taking them from the 1900 into the new millennium. The greatest part of up cycled art!

It's time for me to pack everything up for the day and put on my mom cap. I need to set to the business of making dinner now....hmm... I'm thinking some beans and tomato puree......a chilli perhaps? That would mean more 'creative' cans are on their way! Will the up cycling madness ever end around here?

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