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WOW! Tween Bracelets

Teaching Thursdays: Tween Bracelets:

want what their teen counterparts have. They want to feel they are a teenager, before
it’s their time. One-way tweens like to feel like teens, is by the way they dress.
At this age they begin to come more into their own style, and want to express themselves
through their dress. Here is a project your tweens are sure to love. These cute and
trendy cuff bracelets are fun to make. These accessories will allow them to express
themselves. See below for all the supplies they will need, and their instructions.

PLAID Supplies

·       Apple
Barrel ® Colors - Hot Pink, 2 oz.
·       Apple
Barrel ® Colors - White, 2 oz.
·       Apple
Barrel ® Colors - Black, 2 oz.
·       Plaid
® Brush Sets - Learn-to-Paint - Brush Set with DVD


Paper towel tuber

Hole punch

Pink satin ribbon

White ribbon

Heart rhinestone

Clear rhinestones

Yellow buttons


Craft glue or hot glue




Measure the paper towel tube and cut into 4 ½” pieces. Cut a slit on one side.

2. Paint the heart bracelet with Black. Paint the flower bracelet with Hot Pink.

3. Mix some White to the Hot Pink and paint a heart in the center of the Black bracelet.
Using the end of a brush handle and White, add polka dots as shown.

4. Glue clear rhinestones to the border of the heart.

5. Paint the flowers with White. Add small Black polka dots on the petals. Outline
the petals with Black.

6. Hot glue the yellow button to the center of each flower.

7. Cut the corners of the tube and punch three holes on each end.

8. Lace the ribbon into the tube and tie into a bow.

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