Four More Birdcage Arrangements/ Wedding

Bird Cage Arrangements For My Daughters Wedding

Well looks like we are  getting closer to our goal.
Only a few more birdcage arrangement to go.

We still have to buy a candle for the top birdcage.

Wedding Birdcage Project 2

This is another of the birdcages we arranged for my youngest daughters wedding.
The flowers and arrangement are more of a wine color even though in the picture they look red.

Susan Nikitenko
Wedding 2015

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Birdcage Project

My elder daughter and I have been working on my younger daughters wedding.
We have several birdcage arrangements we are working on.  We finished this one last night.
We still have quite a few to go.  

birdcages, wedding, daughter, Arrangement,

Susan Nikitenko
Daughters Wedding
February 2015

Wedding Centerpieces

Tonight my eldest daughter and I worked on my youngest daughters wedding decorations.
We finished the center pieces that my daughter requested for her reception.

My daughter loves books and loves to read.

The Cups, We Placed Around,  To Get Some Idea How They May Look When We Set Them Out On Her Wedding Day.

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