You Will Always Be Special

You Will Always Be Special

Is it  too late to say, I love you?     
Is it too late, to say, how much I care?    
Has the time gone by forever; 
That I'll never be able to share?

To share the blessings of my day?
To share my heart's desire for you?
Will you ever really know how much;
Your words have touched me through and through?

Is friendship, not worth, the struggle?
Does all love seem to be in vain?
When ev'ry close relationship;
Ends up in disappointing pain?

Friendships come and friendships go;
But I can honestly say, to you.
You have been a genuine  friend;
Friends like you are extremely  few.

So thank-you for your friendship;
And thank-you for loving me too.
You  will always be special;
and I'll always remember you.

Anonymous  2010

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