Pillow Fun...

Pillow Fun...:

 Recently at a thrift store,  I found three old cotton crochet pillow covers!  I decided to do a simple re-do on them...and now they have a whimsical look!

 I used embellishments that aren't permanent, so I could change them out if I wanted to.  I took a wired black and white gingham  ribbon and tied some vintage millinery daisies onto this pillow...

On this pillow, I wrapped a piece of upholstery webbing and pinned on a vintage brooch...

On the third pillow, I threaded a black grosgrain ribbon through a vintage buckle and tied the ribbon around the pillow.  For fun, I glued an old watch face onto the buckle!

Very simple embellishments, but I love how they turned out!  I am doing some re-decorating in our bedroom, and two of the pillows will be part of that.  I'll be sharing the changes soon!

I'm joining Debra of Common Ground for Monday Marketplace where I'll share a few of my etsy offerings...hope you'll join us!

Until next time...

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