Tutorial: Beaded Butterflies

Tutorial: Beaded Butterflies:
By DCWV Diary

Today I want to share a tutorial from the DCWV & Blue Moon Beads CHA booth. Remember this gorgeous tree covered in butterflies, beads & jewelry? There were some gorgeous beaded butterflies mixed into the tree. I think these would be so fun and easy to make and mix into your spring & Easter decorations. You could use any color paper and really customize them to your space.

 Supplies & Tools:

1. Print and cut out the Butterfly template. Trace desired sizes onto your chosen shades of cardstock and cut them out. *Note: For every small butterfly, you will need a large one (and vise versa).
2. Adhere the body of one small butterfly onto the body of a larger one; repeat until you’ve glued your butterflies together.
3. String beads onto your craft wire and attach them to the body of the butterfly. Repeat until finished.
I know the template doesn’t include the intricate butterfly piece on the top layer. You could use a electronic cutting machine for that, use your Xacto knife to make your own pattern or simply just use a full wing piece on top. Or use a butterfly punch. It is still a beautiful, creative element!

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