Uncommon Events: Party Perfect Tissue Poms

Uncommon Events: Party Perfect Tissue Poms:

I really enjoy styling parties.

No, seriously... I love it!    I love it so much that if you were a friend of mine and told me you were throwing a party for your child, I would lie in bed that night planning your entire party design, whether you asked me to or not! {Most of the time I try really hard to keep it to myself, so you wouldn't think I was controlling... or crazy } I would even come up with a plan for you to have the most fabulous party and spend a fraction of what you thought you had to spend on decorations! 

How is that you ask?  Tissue Pom Poms!    

They make a bold statement and are super cheap! 

This is where my obsession with tissue pom poms began... good old Martha!  Her tutorial is great for the basics!  All you need is tissue, floral wire, and a good pair of scissors and you are in business! 

There are so many varieties of tissue poms out there, most of them only require a little different cut before you fan out your tissue pom.

 Here are three variations that I use most often:

I admit that I am a little obsessed with parties, but isn't it amazing what an impact a few dollars and some tissue paper can make?  

If you are a friend of mine, please don't be afraid to tell me that your child is going to have a birthday party!  I promise not to bombard you with all of my elaborate plans... unless you ask! 
Have a great end to your week! 
Your lunatic friend....

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