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Gorgeous Bridal Brooch Bouquets

Miranda Lambert's dreamy Bridal Brooch Bouquets brought to life by Artist, Noaki.:
    Miranda Lambert decided to have something a little different for her bridal bouquet, she started a vintage boom of Bridal Brooch Bouquets! They are still the rage in a bridal trends today and I couldn't be more pleased that using something "vintage" is still so popular. 
    When I posted about this before I used photos by several artists on Etsy but the reality is that the ones I loved the most were all hand crafted by a girl named Noaki. She has over 800 sales and over 2,500 visits to her site. 
    I don't know Noaki, I just admire her work so 
    I wanted to share with you!
    In her words, Noaki said that this idea began because "she was trying to figure out what to do with pieces of my grandmother's old jewelry that I'd held onto for decades -- scraps of the forgotten excess of the Art Deco era that were too lovely to discard but too old- fashioned to wear. Eventually the pieces she created led to her little shop."
     As you can see she makes bridal and bridesmaid 
    bouquets in any color you request!
    The daughter of a fine arts painter and an industrial designer, She has had a pretty eclectic upbringing, living for spells in Japan, France, India and England. 
    "My roots, however, are in California. Living overseas made me reflect on the lifestyle here -- the angled light and sea air, the crumpled terrain and buried past – rusted, shuttered canneries, splintered gray piers and bleached Deco buildings." 
    "I try to bring this breadth to the pieces I make. From my Southern California studio I recycle vintage jewelry found at second hand shops and flea markets and hand fashion each piece, combining Art Deco period brooches, vintage cuff links, shoe clips and other baubles with semi precious gems." 

    "Each piece is unique or very limited edition, and many can be worn with everything from a tank top to a cocktail or wedding dress." 
    After looking at all her bouquets I want to have one made myself! I just can't decide what colors I would want. Maybe several mini ones would satisfy my indecision!! If you want to look at her entire collection just click on her name above to take you to her Etsy site.


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