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I'm just about to pack everything in for the day here in the studio, but I thought I'd give you a sneak peek into what I was busy with. As you can see from the pictures, I've been at my sewing machine, working on the next set of applique patches to put on my crochet desk organizer cans. This pairing says "Neat and Tidy", just the way I like to keep everything around here!

Although I crochet a custom fitted sleeve for the cans, I just can't bring myself to chop up any new doilies that I've ever made myself. So I happily gather many vintage ones on my thrifting excursions. So many of them piling up here, it was high time I started cutting into the stash. I plan around the burlap and canvas patch featuring the sewn/embroidered text, making the pieces fit in an appealing way.

You can see the plain nesting cans off to the top left in the photo above...they are waiting for their embellishment to be stitched and glued on. I like keeping all of the patches and crochet work in a neutral colour scheme, so that the yummy vintage tone on tone will stand out, and the black fine text are able to pop. It's all part of my 'signature style'...to be recognized for neutrals and shabby chic.

Believe it or not, for the lover of symmetry that I am, it was hard for me to just let loose and have fun with these appliques. I wanted them to have a real shabby charm to them, and by jolly I think I've done it! Thus far I have cans featuring word themes that go together like salt and pepper or black and white. I have a "Neat" and "Tidy" set, a "Shabby" and "Chic" set, and a "Create" and "Inspire" set. If you can you think of any more word pairings that I should be using, feel free to shoot them my way?

Now, I just need to glue the applique patches to the crocheted cans and get them listed. I wonder if I can get it all done before my hubby gets home? 

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