The Giving Dolls

Dolls Made For 

Hurting Kids At The Giving Doll

These Are A Couple Of  The Dolls I Helped Make At The Giving Doll.

This Is JOY 

  I Made Joy's  Purple Dress  And The Embroidered Hearts Applique And Sewed On Her Hair.

This Is JAN

 I Sewed On Jan's Hair Added The Cream Crocheted Lace And Made The Embroiderer Appliques At The Neckline..

.Jan Has (Like) A Calico Hair Style With Both Dark And Light Highlights.

But Other Volunteers Worked On  Both Of These Dolls.  

Tin Can Country Chic Crafting

Potpourri Container
Catch All Container
Lace Floral Arrangement
Tin Can Country Chic Wreath 

Susan Nikitenko
Crafting With Tin Cans

Red Checkered Drapes

Tin Can Arrangement

Here's a little tin can arrangement I made this week with crocheted doilies, buttons, rusty brown yarn , small white flowers, red checked scrap material, small rectangle of green foam, brown fill moss, off white paint, sealer and hot glue. 


Susan Nikitenko
October 19th, 2015
Country Chic Tin Can Arrangement

A Double Country Fall Wreath

This Is Another Fresh Idea For A Country Fall Wreath.
A Double Wreath
With A Chicken Nestled In.

  Beads, Buttons, Ric Rac, Crochet Doilies, Beaded Stems, 
Acorns, Array Of Fall Flowers And Leaves, 2 Wreaths, Wire And Glue.

Susan Nikitenko
Double Fall Wreath
September 17th, 2015


My Front Door Fall Wreath Arrangement

This Is The Happy Looking Fall Wreath That I Arranged For Our Front Door.

I Arranged This Wreath From An Existing Wreath...
By Adding Color, Crochet Lace , Bright Orange Flowers, Bright Orange Bead Like Picks, A Wood Carved Chicken, A Scarcrow, A Silver Button And A RicRac Bow.

Susan Nikitenko
Wreath Arrangement
September 2015

I Arranged A Fall Wreath Today

I Arranged A Fall Wreath Today From An Existing Wreath I Bought Thrifting.

I Also Made The  Pick Below From A Coat Hanger,
Crochet, Glue And  Embellishments.
I Plan To Add It To A Fall Flower Arrangement
That Will Match My Fall Wreath.

Susan Nikitenko
September 12th, 2015

When We Want Somethin' Sweet

We've been faithful on our diet but on a special day we will try some new yummy treat recipe 
that has caught my eye.  I do not consider this cheating but rather a reward for being faithful in loosing over ten pounds.  

Wedding Bouquets For My Daughters Wedding

Wedding Bouquets For My Daughters Wedding 

Well My Eldest Daughter And I Have Finished All The Floral Decorations
For My Youngest Daughters Upcoming Wedding.

They Look Beautiful ...
My Daughter LOVES Them And We Are Very Happy With 
Everything About Them.

Susan Nikitenko
2015 - Krysta's Wedding

My Daughters Wedding / Bird Cages Completed

My Daughters Wedding / Bird Cages Completed

We just have to buy a few more candles to put in the birdcages and 
Then we will have completed the birdcages for my daughters wedding..

Susan Nikitenko
My Daughters Wedding
March 3rd, 2015

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