"Keep Your Nose To The Grind Stone"

"Keep Your Nose To The Grind Stone"

 This is another saying this week... "Keep Your Nose To The Grind Stone"

I wanted to know why it has become a saying people like to use.
It is another saying I grew up with and without 
thought it is just there when we need something to say.

"Nothing To Sneeze At"

"Nothing To Sneeze At"

   Have you ever wondered where the saying, "Nothing To Sneeze At"  came from or what it means?

I did and I looked it up.  I've heard the saying my whole life, but just took for granted what it actually means.  There are lots of other sayings I've learned through life thinking they meant one thing but later now in life, I'm finding out, I never really understood them.

Check out what the saying actually  means..

Read Here:

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