There Are No Simple Thank-Yous

There Are No Simple Thank-Yous

If I could tell you thank-you:
With words, just fabulous.
Not so simple, but with scolar;
Worth thousands of dollars.

I would talk to you all day;
Give thanks in an unusaul way.
Genuine, with my heart in line;
Because you have been so kind.

Thank-you, Thank-you, it's true;
My heart is thinking of you;
And ev'ry'thing thing you've done;
Not just for me but ev'ry one.

Though my words are mostly simple;
My love for you is more than real;
I just want to let you know;
Just how you've made me feel.

There Are No Simple Thank-Yous;
When The Thanks belongs To you;
It's Hard To Do Them Justice'
Because I'm Inlove With you.

 A Love Thank-You...Sweetest Day

Susan Y, Nikitenko
October 15th, 2016

Today Is Sweetest Day

Today Is Sweetest Day For Those Who Need Reminded.

My Husband Surprised Me Tonight With Two Gifts From Hobby Lobby.  One Of Them Was A Rooster I Already Have.  I Was Thrilled Because I Could Put The Rooster In My Decorative Chicken Coop.  I Guess, God New I Needed One to Put In It.  

The Other One Was A Pumpkin That Says: "Give Thanks For Our Many Blessings".  

Wooden Pumpkin Craft

Wooden Pumpkin Craft 

I Bought Some Wood At A Garage Sale And 
My Neighbor Cut Out The Pieces For Me.
I Gave Him And His Wife A Fern And Also 
The Computer Printout Of The Idea I Was Using.
It's A Little Rough Around The Edges But I 
Like This Project This Way.  Especially 
Because It's Outside On My Porch.
You Can Always Sand Yours If You Want To.  

I Didn't Follow This Pattern But I Got The Idea From This Project Below:
Sometimes You Just Have To Use What's Available.

Decorative Chicken Coop

This Is The Chicken Coop I've Been Creating 

I Bought This At A Resale Place And Painted It Red.
 I'm Repurposing It Into A Chicken Coop

I Put These Pumpkins On The Candle Stands, 
Which I Bought At A Garage Sale. 
I Put A Small Amount Of Rafita Inside.
Just To Get An Idea Of How It's Going to Look.

I Put A Rooster Inside And Hung A Light In The Back.
Now I Need To Do Further Work On This Project
To Put The Light In A Permanent Location And Also
A Surprise Which I'll Be Working On. 

Completed Project 

Susan Y Nikitenko Phone Pics ©
Chicken Coop Repurposing 

Restored Rocking Chair

Susan Nikitenko
Restored Rocking Chair
I Restored This Rocking Chair
To Match My Country Theme.

I've Never Shown You This But
But This Is A Skillet That I Painted
A Few Moths Ago.

Sunflower Garden Stakes - Made From Pop Cans

Sunflower Garden Stakes

Burlap Pumpkin

I used an old flower pot.

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