There Are No Simple Thank-Yous

There Are No Simple Thank-Yous

If I could tell you thank-you:
With words, just fabulous.
Not so simple, but with scolar;
Worth thousands of dollars.

I would talk to you all day;
Give thanks in an unusaul way.
Genuine, with my heart in line;
Because you have been so kind.

Thank-you, Thank-you, it's true;
My heart is thinking of you;
And ev'ry'thing thing you've done;
Not just for me but ev'ry one.

Though my words are mostly simple;
My love for you is more than real;
I just want to let you know;
Just how you've made me feel.

There Are No Simple Thank-Yous;
When The Thanks belongs To you;
It's Hard To Do Them Justice'
Because I'm Inlove With you.

 A Love Thank-You...Sweetest Day

Susan Y, Nikitenko
October 15th, 2016

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