Love In A Mist Granny Square

Love In A Mist Granny Square


Basic Granny Square 

4ply Caron Simply Soft  (strawberry fraise fresa) 

Loop Flower.

Make a loop not too tight then crochet two -  then single crochet in the first stitch.  Count the single crochet as one then chain 14 more.  Slip stitch into the main loop that has the single crochet in it.  It is small but it will stretch out as you go.  Chain 15 then slip stitch into main loop pushing it towards the first loop.  The main loop will stretch out - chain 15 then slip stitch into main loop - do this 11 more times pushing them towards the first loop - giving you a total of 13 loops in the main loop.  Cut your yarn and pull the yarn through the open end to close.  Tighten the main loop by pulling the yarn threads and tieing them into a knot. - Put the two threads into the center of your granny square pull
them securely through and tie the granny square thread and the two threads from the loop bunch together on the bach of the granny square.  Then hide your threads by weaving them through the crochet work.  Place the blue pineapple ring over the top of your loop flower making sure all loops are on top.  With needle and peachy thread, sew together the center coming up through including one side of the inner loop of the blue and bottom of loop bunch  then back down through the other side of the blue ring and loop bunch - be careful not to sew down any loops.  Thread it through this way until secure- keeping loops above full.


Blue Lace Pineapple Ring

for the blue lacey ring I used 2 ply Herrschners Afghan yarn (cobalt blue)
Crochet Hook US - N - 

Chain 4 Attach in first loop making a ring.
Crochet 3 -  Double Crochet 50 double crochet in the ring, then attach ring with a slst.

Double crochet a white edge completing the square.
Close with a slip stitch.

I'm making 20 squares.  I will post more pictures when I get that far.

When sewn onto your project this will look like a diamond
Diamond End Square.

You'll need nine of these for your project. 
A traditional granny square but on the last row slip stitch to each corner
Then dc 3 ch 1 dc 3.   
I used the -I - needle to make this granny square.

I used white yarn and a yarn needle to sew the squares together.

These postings are a way for me to remember what I did
when making my project.

I'm almost finished with this project.
I'm putting three more rows for the border, sewing down 
all the flowers and also hiding all the strings.
Then the Love In A Mist afghan will be completed. 

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