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Fun Paper Flower Projects!

Fun Paper Flower projects!:

I was so excited to make more flowers and put them to good use around my home. Remember, I'm trying to use up that Imagine ink cartridge all the way up, as well, and making flowers seems to be the perfect thing to make. Any color that is chocolate brown seems to print out in a lovely lavender. Red makes a bright pink/fuchsia color and I've gotten the loveliest grey from a blue hue. It's really fun to see what color I will get.

For Christmas, I had a cricut-made banner on my old fireplace and it really looked bare after taking it down....so was wanting to make something springy to hang on the rocks. I do not care for the fake rock look but don't have the nerve to paint them,lol. So keeping them decorated...may be the answer...Anyway, if you want to see a short video of me putting this thing together...it's here. There are 2 other pics of what I've made with the flowers at the beginning, if you just want to see that.

Have a great day! Karen

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