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My wisteria is blooming and growing like crazy.
Since the carport was removed over a year ago....it has really gone wild.
But there is not a place for it to go.
It already covers the fence and support beam.
It's tendrils reach out searching for new heights to climb.
I do wish I had the perfect pergola for it to grow upon.
As it is, I have to trim it way back every summer to keep it under control.

Now, I know why my Grandmother used to get so upset at her neighbor's.
They had wisteria growing on their fence next to my Grandma's house and they never trimmed it.
Every so often my Grandma would go out and cut it to keep it from growing over on 
to the roof of her house.
She absolutely hated it. 
She said it was a menace. 
She said it would pull her house down if she let it.
I thought it beautiful till I lived in that house a little while and experienced how it 
did indeed try to come over and take over the house.  
It's long tendrils reaching out to grab on to the roof.

I have to say...I'd never plant it near my house.
This is closer than I like.
It's near the garage, planted by a previous owner.
As it is...it takes over my gate so that sometimes I have a hard time getting in and out.
Right now it is swarming with bumble bees.
Which I don't mind. Bumble bees are so big, fat, fuzzy and cute.

My wisteria is very pretty in bloom but rather plain when not blooming.
I wish mine looked like these examples below.
It can be quite amazing.

I wonder if these people realize that one day that wisteria is going to pull their house down.

Do you love wisteria or are you scared off by it's invasive nature?

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