Heart And Lace Crochet Block

Heart And Lace Crochet Block

I used the daisy stitch, double crochet and single crochet stitches
in this crochet block.
I will post the pattern as soon as I can.

Blue Lace Pineapple Ring

for the blue lacey ring I used 2 ply Herrschners Afghan yarn (cobalt blue)
Crochet Hook US - N - 

Crochet 4 Attach in first loop making a ring.
Crochet 3 -  Double Crochet 50 double crochet then attach ring with a slst.

4 vrs 5

Peach Heart 

size G/6 needle 4.25mm
for the heart I used 4ply Caron Simply Soft  (strawberry fraise fresa) peachy pink

start with loose slip knot then crochet one- go into beginning loop - single crochet chain 1 then half double crochet (hdc) 4 times ( I used 4)- 5 if you want a larger heart.
slip stitch into first chain closing the circle.

 slip stitch in next loop then:  in the same loop
1 hdc - 3dc - 1 hdc.   hdc in next 3 stitches chain 1
then dc in the bottom stitch,
 which is even with the v at the top.
hdc into the next two upward stitches.
then in the next stitch - 1 hdc -three dc- 1 hdc.

End with going into the center of the heart 
adjusting to make sure it is centered.
Pull through and sc tighten and close off the stitch by coming from
the back upward to close the stitch cut and pull yarn all the way through at the center of the v at the top-
pull tightly downward towards the back of the heart. 

Tie hearts strings to the blue loop by inserting strings through each side of center loop
and tie the peach stings together into a knot - do not pull too tight across the blue loop.

When sewing use the same color yarn in a wide eyed needle, 
Sewing carefully not showing any stitches or loose threads. 

Pull at the bottom of the heart to set it's shape.
Sew that point and also the 
rounded tops down to your project.

For The Ivory Square

I used a Crochet Hook US G - Crochet loosely
Yarn Bee - Ivory (Soft Secret) 

Chain 25
Skip Stitch go into 2nd chain.
Pull through keep two loops on the needle -
Pull through the third chain - now you should have three loops on your needle.
Pull through each of the next 4 stitches of your chain.
You should have 6 loops on your needle.
Yarn over - pull all six loops through then chain 1 - this makes
your first daisy cluster.  
Now insert your needle into the chain 1 loop you just made to close your daisy.
Pull thread through making two loops on your needle.
Look down the right side of your daisy - You should pull thread through 3
seperate times down the right side of the daisy before pulling through your chain again. 
You will then have 6 loops on your needle.   Yarn over and pull through all 6 loops.

Keep on going until you have ten daisy clusters -

 close row by inserting needle into last loop and 
chain two to finish row.  Turn your work....

 Row 2: Chain 1 skip one chain sc (single crochet) into into daisy loop
 chain 1 sc into daisy loop - do this all the way
to the end of the row.
End with sc into last loop.
turn your work over.

Row 3:  Chain 3 - Insert hook into second chain - pull thread through.
Insert hook into third chain  - pull thread through.  You should have three loops on 
your hook.  Then you should start pulling thread through 3 next chains until you
have 6 loops on your hook.  Then pull thread through all 6 loops making the daisy cluster.

Refer To The Video On Ending Your Third Row
( Only I  did not turn it to the back) 

You'll need 
7 rows of daisy clusters ending with the ( Row 2 pattern).

Now The Edging

Round 1:
 *2sc in corner space sc in nxt 19 stitches 3 sc in corner stitch*
do this on all sides.  Then...   Sc and ss stitch closed. turn

Round 2:  
1 chain 2sc in same place as ss.  (1 sc crochet in each of the side 21 stitches each)
3 sets of 3 sc with sc between in each corner.  Ending with a ss. Then crochet one in ss in the first sc.  turn

Round 3: 
chain 1, sc in same place as slip stitch.  chain 6 - 1 sc into next stitch.  skip 1, (*1 sc chain 6 - 1 sc into next stitch skip 1) - repeat from *  46 more times - ss into last sc. turn. 

Round 4

The Ruffle

dc in each chain 2 opening all the way around.  
Pay attention when you get to the corners of the square - 
dc 5 -  chain 1 - dc 5 as you get to each corner. 

ss to close at the completion of the square.

Susan Nikitenko: Creation Using The Daisy Stitch
print only

I made this purse using two of these squares.


I made the strap using a bulky cottony white yarn and 

Yarn Bee - Ivory (Soft Secret)  Crochet together.

Chain to desired length with large K needle
turn - sc another row.

You'll need:
2 wood rings and 4 matching wooden beads.

Needle and thread
glue gun

I used 2 fat quarters for the lining, fusible web and muslin.

I'm going to be making another purse:
Then is when I will give you instructions on making this purse.
With the pictures.


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